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Don’t write the landing page you like; write the landing page your audience wants.

Landing pages are an excellent way to showcase your offerings to your audience; when done right, they could lead to many sales.

But how do you do it right?

Follow these 5 simple steps to write the landing page that increases sales.

Use a copywriting strategy for headlines

Landing pages don’t need a lot of words. Present the primary problem your audience has, and offer a solution.

For example, if you offer digital marketing services, your ideal audience will include businesses looking to improve their online SEO. A good headline-offer scenario would be:

Headline: Start saving on ads with qualified Free Organic Traffic

Offer: Higher rankings with top-notch quality content that will turn leads captions around in less than 4 months.

Disclaimer: SEO is not rocket science; you should not guarantee results.

Showcase your benefits CLEARLY

A cluster of words on a landing page will exhaust your audience. Ensure your benefits are spread across your landing page for improved readability. For example, if you offer SEO services, you could present your benefits like this:

SEO audit

Increased ranking on SERPs

Stand out from the competition

Content audit

Include social proof

Social proof may be the extra kick your audience needs to purchase. Customers often have a ‘fear of missing out’ (FOMO), and when they see others had a great experience with your business, they will be pushed to purchase. So make sure you include several reviews in there. Video reviews are the most impactful.

Speak directly to specific audience groups

Businesses offering multiple services often create different landing pages for different audience groups.75% of businesses don’t who their different audiences are. Ensure your landing page speaks to the specific audience group you’re trying to target.

For example, if you offer digital marketing and web design services, your headlines could read:

Headline 1: Get your brand in front of your online audience now!

Headline 2: Better design = Increased sales! Transform your website today!

Each headline appeals to different audience groups and targets them better.

Address audience objections

Customer objections are the different reasons they tell themselves to keep them from purchasing your product. When you address these objections, you convince customers to purchase.

Some examples are by offering

  • Full refunds
  • Free replacements
  • Long warranties

Extra tip: You could also mention any awards your brand/product won, etc. the goal is to convince customers beyond a reasonable doubt, so they feel comfortable to purchase.

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