From Challenge to Triumph:
Real-World Examples of the Expertise

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Previous efforts in Google Ads and other Pay Per Click campaigns did not bring the expected digital growth for this multinational conglomerate. I was brought in to help boost their SEO. I took over 2 projects - now they rank top 3.

Joined at the outset when there was no website nor strategy. OKA Fruit’s digital presence skyrocketed with organic efforts. On average, OKA Fruits rank #2 for all their most important target ranking keywords.

We all like travelling from time to time. And sometimes you need to visit a doctor during your trip. Thanks to a proper SEO strategy well executed, TripMedic will show up first in your Google search results for “english speaking doctor”.

My paid search strategy increased ROI by 326% for one of the fastest growing handmade surgical accessory brands in Spain.

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