Spanish Homeware – PPC

This client creates and customizes unique glass plates, trays and fountains decorated with different patterns, all handmade and produced in Spain.


The Challenge

Despite a large number of followers on instagram, their website content and structure made it difficult for customers to browse through the website. Given the extended offering in the website, clients struggled to make a decision and required the help from the their internal team. In most cases, unfortunately, they left the website overwhelmed. My job focused on growing their brand online with ads and SEO, as well as understanding how to adapt the client’s website to the needs of their customers.

my Approach

I wanted to understand who their customers were: gender, age, likes, hobbies, online buying affinity, etc. This helped me understand how their clients think and behave when they enter the client website. I analysed their past analytics data as well as email marketing accounts. I ordered to lower the spend on social media ads until we relaunched a new website. We talked to clients, friends and family and rebuilt the entire website. We built a website that our clients loved. I restarted facebook and instagram ads testing out several audience interests and conversion goals. I am currently working on their SEO and I will be sharing progress results in the coming months.


The Results

Chiticris’ instagram followers doubled in the past 6 months while their website sales skyrocketed as soon as we launched the new, revamped website

0 %

increase in total sales from organic sources

0 %

increase in recurring customers

0 %

increase in time spent on page

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