Goodbody HealthCase Study: 660% Increase in Engagement Rate and 1990% Decrease in CPA

Founded in 2017, Goodbody Health is a wellness brand that aims to help people achieve optimum health, wellness, and fitness by offering state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment. Goodbody Health Inc is the parent organization, and they are listed on the Canadian and UK stock markets.

The Situation

Goodbody Health hired me to look after their Google Ads Account. Before I joined the organization, its account was set to spend £30,000 daily for lead generation. A month before I helped Goodbody Health, the organization’s Google ads account managed to get only 146 conversions after spending a massive chunk of £45,882.03, which is a whopping £314.26 for a single lead -nowhere near profitable.

I put all my efforts and marketing tactics into play and introduced 106 conversions to the organization in late June by spending only £12,044.88. I helped the organization witness profit; at the time, they paid £103 for a single lead.

Goodbody Health significantly improved in less than two months: £314.26 vs. £103. I also helped the organization to scale and boost the revenue of one of Goodbody Health’s most important products – blood testing home kits. I picked the account of this initially unprofitable product and helped it reach £52.21 CPA from £1,529 in four weeks. 

Company description

Initially focused on Cannabis and CBD Wellness, the organization soon shifted to a different wellness business model. Since the pandemic, Goodbody Health has concentrated on covid and blood testing. Their new model is leveraging cutting-edge technology to offer the best-in-class lab-style testing.

The redirected focus on blood testing has been a natural fit for their business as their wellness clinics have nurses, and they also engage with pharmacies. 

Here are the benefits they offer:

  • They have clinics in both Bristol and Bath (in the United Kingdom) with pre-recruited staff that is well-trained and experienced, providing a comprehensive range of blood testing options that gets analyzed in the lab. The organization’s clinics offer the Abbott Affinion Analyzer device to test cholesterol and diabetes in just fifteen minutes (if needed).
  • They collaborate with numerous pharmacies. It helps in achieving one of these or both: a) have the Abbott machine deployed and perform Cholesterol and Diabetes tests frequently and/or b) can take blood with a phlebotomist.
  • They collaborated with Superdrug. The organization took assistance and service of the Superdrug nurses to collect patients’ blood samples. If a customer chooses a Superdrug location, Goodbody Health sends them a postal kit. After that, the customer takes the kit to Superdrug, where the nurse takes the blood and sends it to the lab.
  • Moreover, they sell postal home testing kits to everyone who wants to take their blood via a finger prick lancet and send it straight to the lab.


The Challenge

When I took up the task, I found their Google Ads account cost them a lot. Their previous agency must have neglected/given up on the account long ago. I had to work on improvements and helped the organization with numerous recommendations for the new product lines and the website conversion rate optimization (CRO).

The account targeted just broad keywords, which led to an immense database of useless terms for the customer. In addition, their targeting approach needed to be corrected, as they were trying to target a nationwide customer demographic despite having locations in a limited part of the country. 

Another challenge was that their website needed a significant revamp and optimization to boost conversions.

my Approach

I began conducting market and ‘competition’ research to set things in motion. I scoured the Internet to find as much information about the competitors as possible. I found out all their digital marketing strategies, product line offering, and pricing structure.

I also wanted to use historical data to target specific locations in the country. To do this, I spent some time with the product’s owners. We discovered the average distance from homes to the clinics for previous bookings. I had to find out the average for each city.

After some digging, I was surprised that some people traveled miles from remote areas to visit one of the Superdrug/pharmacies/clinic locations rather than taking “at-home” tests. Meanwhile, my research and survey for London revealed that people would travel only up to three miles.

With such data points, I set out postcode radius targeting for all Goodbody Health’s pharmacies/clinics/Superdrug locations.

At the time of this case study, there were 27 blood tests, the most common being cholesterol and diabetes tests. However, the account has already been spending a significant amount of money on broad phrases such as “are NHS blood tests free.”

The rivalry was intense, especially coming from the public sector. The NHS, or National Health Service, regularly recommends blood testing, some of which they offer for free. This required us to narrow our attention to avoid intense competition.

I examined their organic keyword data, revealing some excellent opportunities. For instance, people were searching for “complete” blood tests for men and women. These hardly had any competition.

My next step was to perform deeper keyword research around different types of tests such as thyroid tests, rapid blood tests, diabetes tests, private blood tests, cholesterol blood tests, clinic blood tests, etc.

The series of evaluations and analyses went on for a couple of weeks. I never make the mistake of running an account while being clueless about my clients’ products and market dynamics. 

I killed the most generic keywords, even those that were informative. Informational keywords can be a good part of any top-of-the-funnel strategy to drive the user down the funnel, but our priority was to show quick results to the client. Next, we wrote a new copy for each ad. Their ads had very low-quality scores, and the CTR was extremely low (i.e., 1-2%). In my opinion, anything below 5% in very competitive industries should be either revamped or scrapped.


Then, we started optimizing the organization’s landing pages as quickly as possible. To do this, I gave all the necessary recommendations and filled the landing pages with additional SEO-optimized content. I created new landing pages and revamped the site. 

Before I took over, all the campaigns sent users to the homepage, but this was a mistaken approach for campaigns that aimed to sell at-home test kits. For this reason, we developed brand-new landing sites for products like “- At home test kits” and “in-clinic blood tests.” This allowed for a more customized experience that led to higher conversion rates.

Another test that proved very successful was to display the most popular test directly on the organization’s homepage. We also developed fresh content for each landing page to raise the quality score of our ads. To do this, we conducted keyword research, compiled a list of primary and secondary keywords, and used some on-page SEO techniques.

The Results

- 0 %

decrease in CPA

+ 0 %

increase in AOV

+ 0 %

increase in engagement rate

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