Jelly beans – PPC

Jelly Bean Dreams is a stockist of the Original Gourmet Jelly Belly Beans. They offer the biggest collection of mouth watering flavours packed into a candy in the UK. The pandemic forced them to look for new online solutions and turned their eyes towards Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram Ads.


The Challenge

With no prior experience in the online space, their SEO was not helping them increase the relevant awareness. At the same time, there were many settled competitors in the market that enjoyed big market share. Google Ads had not worked in the past but Jelly Beans Dream team was ready for a second attempt.

my Approach

I always like starting with a keyword research analysis - it gives me a really good context before optimising the account. I then audited the account to understand what possible areas of improvement could be first tackled. I started directing prospects to the homepage rather than product pages. The reason for this was simple: the homepage was very well designed and was SEO friendly. My goal was then to increase the Quality Score to start ranking our ads on the top.


The Results

Our desired results started materialising in month 2. By month 3 we were running sustainable and profitable ad campaigns both in Google and Facebook.

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increase in revenue in the first 3 months

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increase in website conversion rate

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unique purchases in the first 3 months

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