Healthcare Accessories – PPC

This client designs and manufactures by hand accessories for healthcare personnel. Their mission is to bring more sustainable, high-quality materials into the healthcare industry.


The Challenge

The client gained a lot of exposure during the pandemic due to the demand for surgical masks and hats. However, their growth steadily declined during the second quarter of 2020. In addition, there were similar products in the market that competed directly with the brand which substantially diminished their market share. The goal was to increase the brand awareness of the client and find profitable channels to advertise and grow the brand.

my Approach

Their budget was limited and I did not have any historical data to forecast future performance. We started advertising in Google Ads. The results helped us understand the type of content that our audience was searching for. The website was then redesigned and SEO optimised. I then started running ads on facebook and instagram and the results were phenomenal. Together, we put together a list of interested audiences and tested them. Our Lookalike Audiences and website visitors remarketing campaigns then retargeted our best performing audiences. Since December 2020, the client has been running ads profitably on facebook and instagram.


The Results

MiaPia’s PPC efforts account for 55% of their total sales. The company has seen exponential growth month over month and their recurring sales have also grown steadily since I started the campaigns.

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increase in total sales

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increase in total orders

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ROAS on Facebook & Instagram ads

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