Exporting business: Ranked top keywords within the top 3 SERP spots.

Their fruit production dates back to the 1970s. Their fields have passed from generation to generation, and it was in 2016 when we decided to supply our fruits to the worldwide community. They are producers as well as fruit suppliers and strive to deliver the best possible quality by controlling the whole process of cultivation, storing, grading, packaging, and final delivery.


The Challenge

OKA Fruits started with no presence online back in 2016. An online presence has now become an important source of leads from international markets for the fruit industry players. Some companies target certain markets with a higher buying power that offer higher prices for their produce. OKA Fruits made a full commitment to increase their brand awareness through various online marketing strategies, one of which happened to be SEO - where I am an expert in.

my Approach

Optimising OKA Fruits Export meant monitoring positioning their brand diligently while providing content development and outreach strategies to make sure they were achieving the desired results. High quality backlinks from renown industry websites as well as the revamp of existing and new content resulted in organic traffic increasing by more than by 1,461% for target key phrases. For the past 2 years, OKA Fruits Export has kept showing on top positions 1 to 3 for terms such as “Spanish fruit Exporters”


The Results

A family run businesses that started no more than 5 years ago, currently outranks the biggest players in the market for some of the most generic keywords.

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organic traffic

0 %

more leads on average month over month


average position targeted keywords

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