Teldat – SEO

Teldat Group is a leading technology company that designs, manufactures and distributes advanced Internetworking platforms for corporate environments primarily, competing against the likes of Huawei and Ericsson.


The Challenge

Teldat’s goal is to lead the 5G revolution in the corporate sector. However, they were lacking organic exposure to capture new clients. At the same time, and prior to my hiring, the company started running a Google Ads campaign, but did not see any satisfactory results. The 5G was here and the company did not have the desired social presence for a company of their size.

Their goal was clear: to make their 5G FWA and 5G Resilience pages show up in the first page of google search results and get more users viewing and interacting with the brand online.

my Approach

I started with an industry analysis around the relevant topics. This was followed by a robust keyword research analysis entered around highly converting and low competitive terms.

The task proved complex as notable competitors such as Huawei and Ericsson took the first spots for the most generic terms. Therefore, I suggested as part of the SEO strategy to build strategic pages loaded with SEO-white strategies. At the same time, I focused on less competitive terms that the competition was not optimising properly.


The Results

Teldat sought to grow and outrank their competition within a year. I helped them blow them out of the water within 6 months.


target keywords on page 1

0 %

big competitors outranked

0 %

milestones successfully accomplished

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