TripMedic – PPC

Tripmedic helps you find a doctor in your language. They built a vetted network of English-speaking specialists in some of the most important cities around the world.


The Challenge

With a trivial online presence, TripMedic's online acquisition strategies were non-existent. They had run Google Ads in the past and their CPC and CPA was through the roof. In addition, their social media strategy worked well to keep customers informed and engaged, but their marketing efforts did not embody bottom of the funnel customers - people intently looking for a solution to their problem. Entering new markets was initially time inefficient and costly.

my Approach


The Results

Increasing awareness of the brand through PPC advertising saw tremendous returns in a short period of time. Thanks to the SEO optimisation, Tripmedic currently enjoys high Quality Score and low CPCs.

0 %

average increase of customers in new european cities


average ROAS from month 4 onwards

+ 0

new european cities

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