TripMedic: Increased organic bookings MoM by 427%

Tripmedic helps you find a doctor in your language. They built a vetted network of English-speaking specialists in some of the most important cities around the world.


The Challenge

TripMedic's initial acquisition strategy focused on Google search ads. Their strategy worked well, and they acquired many customers through paid advertising, however this was not a long term sustainable solution to stay in business. Entering new markets was very expensive in the short to medium term due to their dependency on video and search ads to increase awareness . At the same time, they also realised their Google Ad campaigns could become more cost effective with a more SEO optimised website.

my Approach


The Results

The SEO optimization helped Tripmedic reduce spend in PPC, while increasing booking and total sales simultaneously. The brand relies on SEO to compete sustainably against the different incumbents in many parts of the world.

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increase in organic traffic

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increase in organic bookings


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The pandemic forced them to close their store. They tried and looked for new solutions but none of them worked. I was hired to build an online competitive player in the candy industry. And together, we did it.

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