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Bring more attention to your brand, increase quality leads, and boost sales by ranking high in SERP with my professional SEO consulting services.
As an SEO consultant, I have years of experience that will help your business get the SEO results you want without the high costs of going through an SEO agency. If you require a London SEO expert, you have come to the right place.

Top-Rated SEO Consultant in London Delivering Strong Organic Growth

An important aspect of SEO, as well as local SEO, is to improve your website’s visibility on search engines through an ever-evolving strategy. By creating brand awareness through search engine optimization, a website can be ranked higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) by boosting organic search traffic, which in turn leads to an increase in sales and revenue.
My experience as a certified SEO Consultant in London has given me an excellent understanding of what it takes to get your website ranked on the first page of the search engines, and I will take every measure to ensure this goal has been achieved.
As a freelance SEO consultant, my job is to leverage my SEO knowledge to help businesses future-proof their websites by utilizing emerging SEO methods, as well as proven practices. As a consultant and founder with more than seven years of experience in the field of search engine optimization, you can rest assured that I have mastered every aspect of the subject.
Unlike many SEO companies, I work very closely with my clients in devising SEO strategies specially designed to meet their needs and achieve their goals. After implementing numerous successful and profitable SEO strategies for my clients in London and internationally, I feel confident that I can also generate your desired results.
Why Is Search Engine Optimisation So Important?
Search engine optimization is vital in driving organic search traffic to a website. Considering that 68% of all internet activities begin using a search engine, it is easy to see why SEO is so important.
Further reiterating the importance of SEO and search results ranking is that 75% of searchers never click past the first page of results. In the end, combining these factors means that an incredible amount of traffic can be generated from organic searches.

My Approach as an SEO Consultant in London

When developing an effective SEO strategy, I believe that taking a holistic approach to improving website performance and driving brand awareness is essential. After all, an SEO strategy cannot be effective if using irrelevant backlinks, link building, or artificial keywords. Unfortunately, this digital marketing strategy is one that many SEO agencies use. Still, as one of the UK’s leading SEO consultants, I use more effective and appropriate white-hat means for ranking websites.
An effective SEO strategy shows results when it is rather detailed, relevant to the industry, and conducted for the appropriate target audience. Modern SEO needs consistent website content optimization through keyword research, white hat link building, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, frequent audits and similar tactics that align with the latest algorithm developments.
One of the issues that UK businesses and international businesses face is finding a skillful SEO expert who understands the nature of their business; this is a must for creating a successful SEO strategy. Therefore, I prioritize forming a complete understanding of a business and its components before implementing my SEO packages. And when a strategy is developed, I tailor it to the requirements of the business.

Let Me Create an SEO Strategy That Will Scale Up Your Business

Which SEO and Online Marketing Services Do I Offer?

SEO work and PPC go hand in hand, but not many digital marketing consultants offer both services with high proficiency. My marketing consulting professional services include expertise in both areas and show the strength of SEO and PPC when working together, delivering robust results every time.
While advertisers find keywords to determine converting search terms to bid on, SEO will help you take your Google Ads campaigns to the next level by adhering to SEO best practices for your landing page, ultimately improving the overall quality score.
In a nutshell, thanks to the complementary use of SEO and PPC, I will analyze your campaigns and find a holistic strategy that leverages the best of both worlds.

Initial Contact

My service begins with a productive conversation with my clients. Our further collaboration will be more effective by getting to know each other, as experience has proven. The other primary objective lies in developing your business’s most effective SEO strategy. To develop this SEO strategy, I will need details about your business and your business goals.

SEO Audit

Without monitoring your website’s technical health and previous performance, we won’t be able to detect technical issues and improve its performance. For this reason, the website SEO audit is one of the key factors in beginning the optimisation. I will give you a detailed analysis of your website’s current status to understand where we should start.

SEO Strategy development

Based on the website audit data, I will understand what we need to do next. Here comes the SEO strategy. I will provide you with a plan that clarifies how to improve the website’s performance, considering technical issue fixation, content marketing, and website PR. Everything is being done based on your website’s niche


I will share the operational plan to enhance your website’s performance. As soon as we agree on the details, I will put the plan into action. I will always clarify the importance of each part of the SEO strategy so that you’ll be familiar with each step in the process.


As transparency and consistency are a part of my SEO consulting service, I will provide you with a detailed report at the end of every month and show you the improvements that have been made. These reports are great because it can be challenging to recognise improvements without them.

Get ahead of your competitors and enhance your website quality traffic

SEO Consultant That Is Fully Dedicated to the Growth of Your Business

When you hire me as your SEO consultant, you will get one more team member that works proactively from the first day and cares about your business as they would their own.

Dedicated consultant

I will spare no effort to dedicate myself to creating a unique and bespoke SEO strategy tailored to the needs of your business.


As a fully certified and top-rated SEO consultant in London, I will develop a custom-made SEO strategy for your business and ensure that your brand ranks high in SERP.


Being busy doesn’t mean being irresponsible. I take responsibility for my work and am always available to discuss issues or questions. I will answer all queries within one working day.

Why Should You Work with Me as Your London SEO Consultant?

Proven Results

For more than 7-years, I have delivered targeted results for my clients and trained high-profile agency teams, helping them rank higher and increase organic traffic. The list of my clients varies, starting from startups to big companies.


I stay on top of all the Google search algorithm updates all the time. If there is a change to the algorithm, I will ensure that it does not affect your website negatively.

Transparency & Reporting

You will be made aware of every strategy or action that is undertaken when optimizing your website. I will constantly update you with detailed reports about the performance.

White Hat SEO

When working with me, you can be sure that you are in safe hands and that you will not be penalized by Google. I use only white hat SEO techniques and strategies to generate results.
The Benefits of SEO for Your Business

SEO Strategy for the Best User Experience

Google understands whether the website is user-friendly or not, and that is yet another essential ranking factor. Even though I know how the Google algorithm and bots work, I mainly focus on user expectations. We must remember that we are creating and optimizing websites for humans and search engine bots. There are various details that every SEO consultant should pay attention to while optimizing the website content, website navigation, and so on. I always focus on all these details to ensure the best possible user experience.

frequently asked question

That means that everything is based on content quality and relevancy. The search engines’ main goal is to show users quality and relevant content based on their query. When deciding how to conduct their SEO campaign, everyone should consider that factor, and a person with low-quality content will be unable to reach anything in the long run.

Highly recommended SEOs like me help websites rank better by increasing quality, performance, and relevance. This combines technical SEO, off-site SEO (link building), SEO copywriting, and performance enhancements. To put this simply, SEO consultants help to increase ranking for relevant keywords, which drives more traffic to a website.

SEO consultants are experts in search engine optimisation, and all their suggestions are based on actual experience. As one of London’s premier SEO consultancy services, I have gained a thorough understanding of SEO and international SEO, which are critical factors in digital marketing.

SEO consultants with proven results are more likely to create a successful SEO campaign for your business. They know the industry well and follow and implement the latest SEO trends and search engine optimisation strategies, which means they know how Google ranks web pages.

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of increasing the quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website in search engines by optimising the website. SEO refers to organic traffic only and excludes any paid or referral traffic.

SEO is unique and varies depending on the business type. It is also difficult to introduce the process in detail. In general, it consists of:

  • Initial Meeting
  • Site Audit
  • Research
  • Website Optimisation
  • Conducting SEO Strategy Based on Audit

SEO can work for everyone. Whether you are a local company, a startup, or a small business from another side of the globe, SEO will still work. Search engine optimization helps to build a strong web presence and increases brand awareness. 

Of course, I can. It doesn’t matter whether your business is UK-based or not. Online marketing and search engine optimization services are not country dependent, so I offer my services to clients worldwide. Certain facets, such as keyword research, may differ slightly, but being an SEO expert, I am well equipped to manage these differences. 

Yes. It is recommended to develop an SEO strategy as soon as your business website is live. This is because search engines begin scanning for on-page SEO and off-page SEO as soon as your website is indexed, so a comprehensive SEO strategy is recommended from day one.

SEO is a long journey, and you should collaborate with an SEO specialist all that time to see your expected result and improve upcoming strategies. The reasons include rising competition, Google’s new updates, customer behavior changes, various search queries, etc. When you hire an SEO consultant, it is typically for the long run. 

That’s possible. However, it is not recommended to stop the campaign, as you may postpone the targeted goal for a while, and  this could negatively affect your digital marketing results. By stopping, you will let your competitors outrank you. Search engines continually scan the content on all websites, and therefore SEO success relies on consistently updating your website to align with the latest SEO techniques. 

SEO is a long-term strategy that requires expertise, patience, and time. After all, it takes time for search engines to consider changes before reindexing occurs. In general, you will notice significant results in 4 to 6 months.

There is not a specific amount of money that consultants can offer, and everything depends on their experience, your website, and your goals. Overall, a good service has its value. I offer my SEO expertise and services at prices that will rival those of any London SEO agency. 

SEO is an investment in your business. SEO improves your organic traffic and overall visibility. Thanks to SEO, you will increase your brand awareness and drive sales. As an SEO consultant, I will do whatever it takes to ensure that your website ranks above your competitors. 

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