75% of searchers never click past the first page of results and as many as 68% of all online activities start with a search engine.

SEO is also known as search engine optimization. We often have questions and head to Google to look for answers. Right? We are all guilty here! Search engines are the machines that look through all the websites and select the best and most relevant answers. As a SEO expert, my job is trying to convince those machines that the website that I manage has better answers than other websites. And then my website shows up on the top of the search results page. Sounds simple, right? Well, our job is quite complicated, but I tried to water it down quite a bit.

You will be updated regularly on the successes and required areas of improvement to achieve maximum performance in your SEO campaign.

When doing SEO

you need to mix different "ingredients" to end up with a "killing formula". This may include correct keywords, backlinking strategies, site content strategies, removing toxic backlinks, correct site errors, etc. As you apply these new strategies (and fixes), Google technology takes some time to find you and decide what rank you deserve before you can find yourself organically. The more you work on your SEO, the higher in the Google search results your business will show.​

The job of a SEO expert

is a long and arduous task for people who do not master the technique because determining the strategic "ingredients" and their measurements are like building a puzzle. But they can be extremely rewarding. And people like me, with proven past successes and who love figuring out new SEO strategies, can help you be on top of all searches. Depending on the current health of the website, the ranking of competitors, and the goals of your customers, these factors in a search optimization strategy may vary from customer to customer.

Which SEO services do I offer?

Website Audit

I run a technical audit of your website to uncover any challenges and explore on-page opportunities. Also, I analyze the website’s UX (User Experience) in search of opportunities to improve the conversion. This helps maximise the effect of fresh content and take advantage of the latest search engine algorithms.

Keyword Research Analysis

I apply the latest Google friendly strategies in determining converting search terms you should be targeting to upgrade your current rankings.

Competitor Analysis

I conduct an online market analysis by identifying and researching keywords and customer personas. With these, I study how your competitors are performing online in terms of search ranking and traffic and review their backlink profiles and ensure your content performs better than theirs.

On-page SEO

I conduct a technical review of your website for on-page optimization of your content by removing, adding, or re-writing keywords, headlinks and internal links or redirecting based on new updates to the algorithms of Google. In essence, this helps to maximise your newly revised marketing strategy.

Link Building

Other than delivering data-driven content campaigns that improve the overall ranking of your content, I build links between customers and suppliers organically. This is just one of the main benefits of having your campaigns run by me.

Overarching Marketing Strategy

There is no point launching a PPC campaign without measuring the return on your investment (ROI). In order to determine this, I will use different Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to create a strategy that aligns with the goals of your campaign and promotion of your brand and its messages.

What else is included in my SEO consultant services?

I offer key services that cover important aspects of an SEO campaign that is aimed at conversion. These services include:

I will work as an extension of your team, attending strategic meetings, and prioritising any needs and opportunities that are beneficial to your business.

Rest assured I will respond to any of your queries within one working day. That way you can rest assured the campaigns receive the attention they deserve.

I am always on the lookout for new opportunities doing regular analysis and reporting to keep your brand very competitive in the SEO space.

I will carry you along and deliver them using a strong,
result-driven SEO task management approach.

What do I do for you as a freelance SEO consultant?

I work with clients preferably on weekly sprints while running calls and using a shared project management board where I make revisions, suggestions and research aimed at getting desired results to increase your ranking. Following this, I implement the suggestions on the site. To foster productivity, I work with web designers and copywriters and use paid, industry-class SEO tools.

Absolutely transparent SEO consulting service

I will charge you a fair price for a first-class service and I want all of my clients to see exactly what they are getting for their money. My reports are filled with facts and results to make immediate informed decisions.