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Eduardo has a history of creating and overseeing successful multi-million dollar campaigns for major brands and prosperous startups.

He’s trained world-class marketing agencies teams around the world and also delivered lectures for top university marketing students. Eduardo and his team work with selected companies to implement cutting-edge strategies that will optimize every penny to achieve outstanding results with proven ROI.

Unmatched Expertise To Scale.

Honest & Open Testimonials.

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“… We initially hired the Neil Patel Agency until we met Eduardo.. He’s done the absolute opposite of all the other guys. He’s not setting it and forgetting it. He’s testing, revisiting it and testing again and again, and making it better…”

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“… We won a big contract with a level of spend we were not comfortable to manage.. so we were looking for a real specialist to help us… Eduardo was extremely helpful.

Google Ads & Bing

Are you looking to advertise on the world’s largest search engines? Master the Search, Display, Shopping, and Video ads space to achieve exceptional results. Collaborate with a Pay-Per-Click specialist who possesses extensive experience in e-commerce and lead generation for large enterprises and unicorn startups.

Paid Social media

Facebook currently boasts up to 2 billion unique daily visitors, making it one of the most profitable advertising platforms available. However, it’s important not to overlook Instagram, as it continues to attract a significant portion of the younger demographic.
With Paid Social, you can effectively implement both prospecting campaigns and remarketing strategies to target customers at every stage of the funnel.

SEO To Grow Organically

Did you know that 75% of searchers don’t scroll past the first page of results? With top-ranking websites being viewed as more trustworthy, it’s crucial to rank your most important keywords through a dependable SEO strategy that follows recommended practices and avoids black-hat techniques.
Partner with an expert who understands the significance of staying current with Google’s algorithm updates to position your website on the first page and drive organic traffic.

Say NO To Misleading And Outdated Marketing Advice That Costs You A Fortune.

Gain entry to my handpicked newsletter and stay up-to-date on the most current Pay-Per-Click and SEO tactics used by multi-million dollar enterprises.

Top Companies Trust Us To Grow Their Business.

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Why Settle For Average When You Can Have Expertise?

Reach a stronger outcome with both PPC & SEO

Agencies and businesses highly value freelance consultants who possess expert knowledge of both PPC and SEO, as individuals with this combined expertise are a rare and valuable commodity.

In digital marketing, combining various strategies is crucial. Employing a robust SEO approach can enhance the quality score of ad content, leading to improved ad rankings at a reduced cost.

Why Clients Love Our Collaboration.

Intense, collaborative work that focuses on achieving planned objectives with transparent communication to clients, free from bureaucratic obstacles and sourcing teams.

Personalised marketing plans directly implemented with a reduced selection of clients. This approach fosters a strong relationship and trust.

Less projects, more efforts towards desired results. The team invests more time in understanding and managing each client's account for optimal service.

Punctuality and a one-day response time to all queries. Clients can rely on us as an extension of their team, constantly searching for new business opportunities.

What Some Clients Have to Say​

Eduardo is a full on superstar when it comes to digital marketing. Both SEO & PPC. He listened thoroughly to our goals and mission, and created a plan that would work exactly for our needs. He's one of the few who actually cares and MAKES it happen. I didn't know just how complex PPC could be but this is still from someone who spends hundreds of thousands per year on pay per click ads with Google ads and Bing ads; and has very close friends in the digital marketing business. After just 6 months with Eduardo... he's not only DOUBLED our lead volume.. but he's actually REDUCED total costs by about 32% as well. Lead quality has actually improved noticeably as well. The results have been deeply staggering to us, but it's clear to us that this isn't just a stroke of luck. Eduardo has been methodical from the beginning; systematically preventing challenges before they even arise. We'd been running a PPC campaign fairly successfully (we thought) for about 18 months but costs kept going up and leads weren't getting any better. We engaged Eduardo, after some careful research and exploring our account history, he knew exactly the list of mistakes and mis-steps we'd taken over the previous 18 months. He quickly went to work to fix them and start improvements. Our company was extremely fortunate to have engaged Eduardo. If you have an opportunity to work with Eduardo and can fit it into your budget; you'd be irresponsible if you didn't take that opportunity. If you think you can't afford him... you're missing the big picture... Our experience was that he'll save you more money on digital marketing than you pay him.
Jay Lee
Jay Lee
Working at an international digital agency, I've met freelancers from around the world. I know how difficult it is to find a responsive freelancer that keeps deadlines and proactively provides value. Eduardo is knowledgeable, and takes the time to schedule calls to help you troubleshoot issues, and is constantly / proactively offering campaign and optimization changes. Most freelancers I've worked with are reactive, and require tight management. Eduardo provides great results, is proactive, pays attention to detail, and most importantly - is reliable.
Aaron Seeger
Aaron Seeger
Eduardo was an absolute pleasure to work with and he exceeded my expectations! We hopped on a consultation call to go over a Google Ads client I was struggling with. Eduardo took his time to review the account thoroughly and gave me extremely useful advice on how to improve overall ROAS and re-structure the account for success. His advice was not only helpful but easy to follow along with and actionable. I highly recommend Eduardo if you want to grow your business through Google Ads and paid traffic in general. Looking forward to a longer-term partnership with him!
Marta Krzeminska
Marta Krzeminska
With Eduardo you get ROI very soon! Knowledgeable, engaged, and focused— that's how we can describe Eduardo. We needed a consultation on the Google & Facebook marketing strategy for an app in the mental health space, and Eduardo helped clarify the muddy waters of the current app advertising ecosystem. He was able to address very specific questions we had and give clear guidance on how to structure our campaigns in a results-oriented way. It was clear that Eduardo cared about our product and approached it with as much focus and commitment as if it was his own! Most importantly we've seen positive return on investment quickly.
Erika San Jose
Erika San Jose
Eduardo has a wide range of SEO experience, ranging from technical SEO through to marketplace research and site architecture. He’s flexible, adapted quickly to the processes of our team and is like an extension of the team! Eduardo has also been a great help to the Paid Media team as he's supported with a variety of tasks from analysis, optimisation, execution to report. He's incredibly responsive, completes deliverables on time and delivers work at a high standard.
Yana Lapitskaya
Yana Lapitskaya
Eduardo from Digitadu is very professional and personable, he has been helping me with our online advertising for a year and I've been always impressed by how much he's invested in the process and always ready to roll up his sleeves. I highly recommend him as a trustworthy and reliable professional.
Damyan Pushtiev
Damyan Pushtiev
Eduardo is a knowledgeable, friendly and highly professional business consultant. His SEO knowledge is second to none! While working with us, he has been realistic, honest and thorough. He is also very communicative and friendly, overall a pleasure to work with. If you are looking for an SEO/business strategy expert look no further than Eduardo!
Conrad Young
Conrad Young
Eduardo is one of the most knowledgeable SEO experts around. I would advise anyone wanting to take their site to the next level to get him onboard. Real insights and real results!
Eduardo was a pleasure to work with and produced brilliant on page SEO. Would highly recommend. Thank you!!
Great service! Eduardo went above and beyond. I can't thank him enough. He's exceptionally knowledgeable and is very communicative. Just an all around 5 star service. Very friendly and genuine! No doubt that he will be my go-to guy for handling my ad campaigns. Gracias mi amigo!

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